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About Prolinx

Prolinx is a trusted IT solutions provider specialising in the development of secure IT as a Service (ITaaS) environments. Prolinx works in partnership with organisations to intelligently provision and manage IT resources reducing costs, enhancing growth and mitigating risk. Prolinx services span End-User Computing, Data Centre Transformation, Cloud, Cyber Assurance and more.

For over a decade Prolinx has provided technologies, solutions and services to major public and private sector organisations and institutions. Prolinx is a shared services provider to the UK government and military organisations.

Privately owned and based in Oxfordshire, UK, Prolinx provides a nationwide capability. Much of the company's work involves integrating new technologies with existing infrastructures, business processes and operations. We are dedicated to driving continual service improvement throughout our business to benefit all of our clients.

Prolinx is an expert in business security - We have the best-qualified consultants, specialist engineers and project managers providing core competencies in end-to-end security and forensics, who can assist any business. Many of our staff hold standard or enhanced government clearances. We have invested in our business to reach the highest levels of accreditation that will demonstrate to our clients a steadfast commitment to providing best-in-class security services. Our security service is built on knowledge, trust and expertise and a commitment to deliver results that demonstrate tangible return on investment. We frequently exceed security standards to foil challenges that are unique to the organisations that we help. The result is a Cyber Assurance solution predicated on precise business needs.

By working closely with market leading partners, the company has the road-map level insight to support long-term, low risk solution recommendations. Read more on Prolinx partnerships.

Why Prolinx?

  • End-to-end integration capability
  • Rigorous assessment and needs analysis
  • Business benefit focus for all technology and services
  • End-User Computing, Data Centre Transformation, Cloud and Cyber Assurance expertise
  • Support for all solutions
  • Trusted by leading IT partners
  • Accredited to a global standard
    • ISO 9001 - Quality management
    • ISO 20000 - IT service management
    • ISO 27001 - Information security management