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Data Centre Transformation

Rationalise assets, reduce costs and improve productivity

Data Centre Transformation is leading the drive towards more efficient operations. Uniting the cost advantages of virtualisation, the need for secure data and the flexibility of hosting in the cloud, Prolinx 'Infrastructure as a Service' platforms realise agile, cost efficient environments.

Data Centre Consolidation by Prolinx provides new services and innovations whilst managing escalating capital and operating costs, learn how your business can reinvest budget to fund innovation, create competitive advantage or ease the bottom line.

Through a process of rationalisation, to eliminate redundancy, and standardisation to drive business processes, we work with you to consolidate and automate IT services for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. Powerful new 'IT as a Service' platforms drive agile environments, delivering tangible business value.

Since Data Centre Transformation isn't an overnight process, it's important to identify a clear end point. Our added services ensure the business can improve IT service delivery whilst supporting change. A 'service catalogue' and 'service dependency map' clearly highlight the current and desired state of IT services. This insight is then put in the context of business value, supporting the case for improvement and change.