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Desktop Service Business Value

Explore the viability of a Managed Desktop Service

Is a Managed Desktop Service right for you?

Let Prolinx Business Value Study explore the business case and viability issues for a proposed move to a Managed Desktop Service.

Embracing Technology, Process, People and Culture, we ensure both fiscal and practical benefits are thoroughly considered. The result is a robust model of the desktop service that includes all of the key service elements.


  • Full desktop delivery insight
  • Documented financial and non-financial benefits
  • Efficient desktop service delivery
  • Cost reductions
  • Defined processes
  • Standardisation of technology
  • Improved service performance


  • Definition of current and future scenarios
  • A financial model linked to the desktop lifecycle
  • Opportunities, risks and assumptions summary
  • Identification of key stakeholders
  • Business case creation including change management priorities
  • Definition of benchmarks and key performance indicators
  • Definition of current and proposed service delivery models including supporting financial and non-financial information