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IT Audit and IT Health Check Services

Understand opportunities and assess business risks

Risk management, compliance and due diligence are just some the areas vital to corporate governance. A successful IT audit assesses technology risks and the control environment as they relate to critical business processes. Prolinx IT audit experience can help ensure the integrity, reliability and performance of these processes.

Let our methodologies and independent capabilities realise more effective and efficient technology controls, aligning your internal audit function with business and IT strategies.

  • Reassure external parties of your compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Eliminate time and cost associated with sourcing, hiring, training and retaining skilled personnel in noncore competency areas
  • Let Management focus on more strategic initiatives, improving resource utilisation
Standard service features include:
  • Risk analysis exercise
  • Security and risk audit of current infrastrucure
  • Regular impact analyses that ensure plans remain up-to-date
  • Process review
  • Education and training programme for company staff

Prolinx Health Check Assessment.

An IT Health Check is an intense, short duration review of the critical processes involved in a business or within an identified area of the business. Its aim is to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business IT environment. Let Prolinx consultants work with you, exposing the underlying issues and ensuring that any proposed solutions provide best overall value.

  • Get key performance improvement opportunities
  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses with remedial actions
  • Expose conflicts between strategic plans and current implementation
  • Highlight profitability or cost reduction opportunities
  • Access guidance on other relevant programmes