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Server Virtualisation

Centralise resource workload and mitigate server sprawl

Traditionally IT infrastructures have provisioned physical IT resources to support applications on an individual basis to avoid conflict and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. But these environments are inefficient: server utilisation rates are as low as 10%.

Working many servers at such low levels creates 'server sprawl' - a costly, wasteful and inefficient use of IT resource.

Virtualisation separates an operating system from the underlying hardware platform, creating a pool of available resources across multiple environments.

By virtualising server workloads, your business can dramatically increase data centre performance and simplify management. From making the business case to designing and implementing the solution, Prolinx offers end-to-end Data Centre Transformation.

  • Increase operational agility and improve service
  • Reduce power, cooling and data centre costs by up to 90%
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Increase service resilience and availability
  • Simplify management